Just another Green 98 TJ Sahara

Last night I had a couple hours in the shop, wrapped up the CB antenna repair and got started on wiring the locker. Got the cabling from the locker to the fuse block ran and disassembled the dash to figure out how to mount the new switch (and plan for the future rear locker).
So i started in CAD..Cardboard Aided Design
. 117336607_331126188057856_3798824233272114463_n.jpg
Scanned the cardboard template, and imported it into so SolidWorks to rough out a shape.
116710975_599872257340326_1437683129740765356_n.png 116333408_639620783637897_8999184779430236106_n.png
Off to the Slicer to 3D Print Rev1.
Woke up to a nice print, with a surprisingly good fit. 3D printing has made me a lazy designer, as i can iterate quickly (ish) and cheaply.
Only one small mistake, and one omission of a radius on the bottom right corner.
I missed the requirements for the two rectangle cutouts for the switches. But all in all im extremly happy with this design... It has the added benifit of not having to cut the dash all to pieces, and i can retain the Eaton Contura style switch. Rev. 2 Is on the printer and should be the final revision...I wonder if i could sell these? My plan is to check for clearances tonight with Rev2. I might have to adjust things to clear the shifter.
20200806_060255.jpg 20200806_053608.jpg 20200806_053615.jpg 20200806_054043.jpg
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Yes, you could sell that.

PS, I need to talk with you about making me a switch panel of some sort. Possibly out of aluminum. I made one for temporary but would like something more professional.
Locker is wired and Tested, Had some fun in the big ditch in the backyard... should have done that years ago....
@LBarr2002 came over and helped me get the ball joints knocked out and pressed back in... Let me tell you if you don't have that special adapter kit for Dodge Chrysler you need to invest.. I will need to finish re assembly tomorrow afternoon.
how long did that take to print? I need to print up something for my 6 switches to replace my sheet metal hack job
9 hour print time on that part. No clearance issues with the mount. it probably could have been recessed a little more but it didn't require any mods to the ashtray. and there is extra room for wiring behind the switch.
Went to Moab, everything worked*, Had a grand time in "tiny tires" as it was appropriately coined after following rigs of much bigger size all week.
The only complaint was that the suspension was just way too stiff. I had replaced the OLD - Old Man Emu rear shocks with a fresh set before going, but the ride was awful. I know the short wheel base is never going to ride amazing, but I know it could be better. Fast forward to today. I have put the old shocks back on and the ride is better, but I'm searching for ways to improve before my next trip out west in June.

I'm willing to pull the trigger on a set of the adjustable FOX reservoir shocks but I'm concerned about fitment in the rear. I'm considering outboarding the shocks before ordering FOXs .... Thoughts? Should i just go coil overs if I'm going to outboard at this point?
Without spending some serious coin on C/O's, I don't think you will see much improvement. I would reach out to a custom shock company such as shock therapy and tell them your goals. My bet is they can put you in the right spot with much less coin and headache.

However, if you are like me and just like shiny toys I would still talk with someone like them about the C/O's. The set I did for Ram-Rod I worked with Sunfire on and they turned out pretty dang good. But, for a stock(ish) rig with some weight on it I think you would have a lot of toying with the valving in order to get what you're after.

Lastly...what air pressure do you run in that rig on the trail? I know my Barbie Jeep rides like poo until you air it down pretty good. Granted I also have Redneck Country shocks and some who knows what springs on it.