well, i know it doesn't look like it, but its been a busy few weeks. We have moved all of our house things into the shipping container, and we are doing photos tomorrow and it goes on the market thursday. So we are about to be homeless...with land and a camper. But until septic approval comes in we will be crashing with my parents....
DHEC came back with an initial decline for Septic but they plan to come back monday because they have to do a second opinion for all non approved sites. I have a friend bringing a backhoe out and we'll see what we see... but it looks like we may have to figure out how to hook up to sewer at the road 1300 feet away.
I wonder if they're more inclined to decline if there is another option (even though that option sucks). Didn't your neighbor on the right say he had septic system?
nobody around me has septic, they are all hooked up to sewer. But from what he said the soil shows that there was water just sitting and it doesnt perc fast enough.