Huge thanks to @porterrss for the help yesterday afternoon moving the huge stack of cedar logs out of the way of the power box. We spent about 2 hours dragging them with the tractor in groups of 3-4 because it was too muddy to pick them up.

we moved these two piles:
Spent Saturday morning moving all of the log piles away from the house location. Now everything is clear for final grading when the time comes. They are working on pouring the basement slab and the rest of the foundation now.
Stopped by yesterday to check on progress. We got our Transformer trenched and installed with conduit. Here are some updated pics with the slab almost ready to pour.


Almost finished burning all of the stumps
Nice! So what is the plan with the cedar trees?
I have a number of things I'd like to eventually build out there, tractor shed, shelter area, avas covered area by the creek, fences, etc. I just saved all of them when we were clearing so that i wouldn't have to cut new ones down when it was time to build something.