#OSCAR4 live event coverage

80 bucks total. Two tanks of fuel. Jk is a Prius compared to my old 2500 burb pulling the tj, or the 7.3 pulling the enclosed trailer.
Dean that is just too funny. Way to many trips hauling with the 7.3 next to a cummins and hearing those numbers as we all put the same amount of fuel in the truck to keep going.

Not to derail the fuel conversations, but did anyone get any pics or videos of me. My passenger did not do a great job as a photographer and I haven't bought a selfie stick or a drone that follows my rig yet.
So far everybody got better mileage than me. I burned four tanks in the 6.0 Chevy. Admittedly I was loaded pretty heavy and running it hard. On the other hand the yoga used about six gallons
hoping to get the photos uploaded from my camera sometime this week and upload pics from the bbq dinner and prizes. Mothers day took over my weekend.
Final Cut is ready. Trying to master more of a documentary style to my videos. Not MadRam style.


Great video Tripp. Always enjoy them. And the resolution was awesome. It's amazing how clear the videos is of the rigs on the trail.