MCJ Fall Trail Ride

Fellas, I'm planning a camping trip to Hiawassee and want to check out this spot overlooking the lake.

I'm hoping you can give me some coordinates or directions to get there and some advice on technicality.

I'll most likely be in my 99 XJ on 31's open/open. I want to make sure the road is even doable as I'll have 3 kids in the back seat and unexperience drivers following me. I'm not scared to back up and punch it but I doubt my company would even consider abusing their vehicle in such a way. Possible followers would be driving a 4wd Nissan hard body truck (Stock on street tires), 4wd Extended cab Z-71 (Stock on 285 mud tires) and a Mitsubishi Montero Sport Front wheel drive (I don't expect this one to even try unless it's graded gravel).

I'm not really looking for any technical wheeling, I just want to take a family trip to the overlook. Think it's doable?