MCJ Fall Trail Ride

I have to say this was one of the most fun Fall trips we have had. We had a great group of people and awesome weather. We met up with most of the group friday before lunch at Taccoa Falls to check out a local landmark that I had never known about. Then we ventured over to Henderson Falls Park for lunch. Then it was time to hit the trail. I havent gotten all of my photos up, but here are some from our first trail.

Jimbo coming up the 2nd part of the first climb.

Trying my damndest to get the trailer to follow me up this rocky climb

Chase dragging the firewood and camp supplies as far as he can before pulling cable like me.

Jimmy trying the harder line at the bottom

Jimmy was the first one to make it with no winch

Ken creeping up the right line

Joey rolled up the middle line before I got a chance to even snap a picture

Nick coming up the right line

Jimbo and myself after the first climb on Day 1

flexed out coming through a rutted out section of trail

riding high

luxury wheeler

trying to come out the top. eventually needed the winch


The trail limo towing the trailer through the rutted out section

time to pull cable, the hard top was getting a little cozy with the wall.

Roxie getting a good look at Jimmy lifting a tire.​

Jimmy leveling it out

coming out the top

flexing the old willys

Ken coming up the middle and straddling the 5' deep ditch everyone was avoiding

yota coming up the valley​
with one trail down we hit pavement for a bit and started to our second trail of the day. I didnt get any pictures on it, but it wasn't exactly the "knee deep boulders" that a local described it as hahah. but it was rough and fun and we found a great campsite right where the AT crosses. We setup camp and had 2 Can jambalaya with cajun chicken and sausage, while some of the luxury wheelers in the group enjoyed steaks and crab joke. haha

Saturday morning we packed up camp and headed down the trail towards pavement and rode for a bit till our next trail. Its one of my new favorites in the area, I just wish there wasn't so much graffiti up there.

Staged at the bottom of the last climb on the first trail of Day 2.

this part of the trail looks innocent, but boy is it off camber. I was worried the trailer wasn't going to make it.

but we made it past that first spot and on to more off camber

Tripp easing into the hole

wedging the TJ through the crack

Crystal, Nick, Jimmy, Chase making their way up the trail

more YEEHAW from Jimbo

Nick, Jimmy, Chase, Joey, Ken working up the trail​

At this point we found out that Ken had cracked the waterpump housing in his willys and was going to have to call it a day. We continued on up the trail since its an out and back and said we would meet him at the bottom.
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