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I honestly can't remember the last time the ol Rincon ran. I know I took Nora for rides when she was a baby (she's 9 now) but I don't think Bennett had ever ridden it (he's 7).

The last time I rode it, it had already been sitting a while and gas was going bad. It wouldn't take WOT without spitting and popping, and it shut off and wouldn't refire. I figured it fouled the plug and way back then I ordered a plug and oil change supplies.

Life happened and it sat. Fast forward 7ish years and Wednesday night I changed the plug, poured in what was left of my generator gas can, put the jump pack on it and it fired. It would idle but not take throttle, but that was good enough to order a battery and air filter.

That came in today, so I changed the oil. More fresh gas with some seafoam in it and it's running pretty good. We put a few miles on it today (it only has 630).
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The old filter had just rotted away.
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After getting it running back in August, the more I ran it the worse it got until it eventually wouldn't take throttle at all. I limped it back to the garage and when it shut off it wouldn't restart.

So, today was carb rebuild time.


Everything was pretty cruddy but the bowl was nasty. Fires right up now, test ride tomorrow.
On a scale from glue eater to rocket scientist how hard is that to do? My carpet needs ripped out through the house haha
I picked up a number of tricks that help and I haven't needed a tape measure. If doing a whole house its helpful to know how to use a lazer level or chalk line. I learned both for this project. Other than that its just the same repeated monkey steps over and over

This guys videos were very helpful.