Windrock Trip Report

#RenegadeCJ made a last minute trip to Windrock Park this weekend. Weather was absolutely perfect and the Jeep did what it was supposed to. @VOLT and crew were there and we covered a ton of ground.

I left Greenwood about 6AM Friday the 13th and got to the campground around 11AM. We hit the trails around 1 on Friday and ran 15 and 38. The top of 38 was sloppy as hell and a few of us pulled some cable. Nick made it happen and was the first up and also only one up the obstacle unassisted. I imagine we did 10 or so miles that day.

Saturday we ran 22 to the pay station to get Jimmy a pass then took off to Panther Rock. Very cool overlook and was a fun but very long trail ride. We went back and ran 9 to 12 and played in the creek a bit. The exit of 12 was a good time in the dark. 40 trail miles on Saturday and I was worn out when we made it back to camp. I have never seen the amount of people on the trail as I did here Saturday. I will bet we passed 150 rigs on the trails.

Beat the rain out Sunday and was on the road smooth sailing looking to be at Twin Peaks in Greenville for lunch....Until I-40 got shut down and we had to wait in traffic for two or three hours. Ended up getting back on 40 and back tracking to Maggie Valley and taking HWY 276 to Brevard and then to 26 in order to bypass I-40 and the traffic jam. There were people playing ball on the was wild to see. Also got behind a semi on 276 from Waynesville to Brevard. He had a lot of folks backing up so he could make turns. It was a site to see. Definitely not the path we would have chosen but it was a very pretty ride.
Semi Truck flipped carrying a petroleum based dye. Closed the East bound lanes for 13 hours. Apparently they had to scrape up the road and re-asphalt it or something. Freaking mess for sure.

I have never had luck coming home from Windrock. Last time we got caught in an accident on 40 just outside of Knoxville and a snow storm blew through and we had to stay the night so they could work the roads and we could make the Saluda grade. Granted, I wasn't driving this trip. I would have kept trucking.....Dangit Craig.


We had the strangest thing happen on 40. @97TJGUZZY and a few others camped off 40 around Harmon Den. We packed up and got on the road in the morning. After a few minutes we realized we hadn't seen any other cars on the road, either direction. We started talking about it on the radio then it was like the flood gates opened in both directions and we were being passed like crazy. Never found out what was up.
Pretty sure this was a 6 hour cleanup...still not perfect but it’ll do for now. Best decision I’ve made so far was spraying the underside of the tub with bedliner. I wish now that I would have Powdercoated the frame and links though....

Dude we could not get up trail 22 Thursday night due to the mud. Rev limiter in third gear just to get to where we turned around. I spent around 6 hours on cleanup as well. We got lucky and avoided the accident and came home via the Tellico route through Clayton. I think it took Brandon 9 or 10 hours to get home.