Windrock Oct 7th

We just returned from Windrock. It was the dustiest trip I've been on by far.
We didn't take many pics but the ones we did are mostly all blurry. On Sat we went over and ran 9 and 12 for the first time. 12 was really enjoyable with river crossings and no dust. It was a long haul though.
Rich's Yota broke a leaf spring about mid way through 12 but it seemed to wheel out just fine broken so we didn't mess with it.
Then Bud's blew a hydro line a few minutes later.
He fixed that then I lost an inner bead.
Pretty uneventful the rest of the way out but it took 10 hours to ride from our cabin on G23-22-G6-G1-9-12-and then back. We were obviously in no hurry at all. I used the Maplets App on my phone and it worked flawlessly. No signal required and it tells you exactly where you are on which trail. You can pin locations too.
We put a stuffed coyote in Buds bed while he was outside running his mouth
Not sure if this pic will show up or not


What was the difficulty of 12 like? We're going in 2 weeks and are planning to do some more exploring and cover more ground than we typically do.
Not difficult at all but can be confusing because the creek and the trail are hard to tell apart as it winds back and forth so many times. There was not a single section that I recall really being anything at all to worry about. We took 9 over to 12 and then left onto 12 so there's still a good bit we did not see. It's absolutely worth the trip over and I think it will be a highlight of your trip.
That being said, Rich did manage to completely destroy one of his fenders on the way out but it was dark and he just couldn't see well enough to notice a huge rutt that he was dropping into. We also drove through one section that looked like we were in a lake. Hell, we probably were. They were going through coolers and bags but nice about it. If you had anything on your way in, they just asked you to return it to wherever you came from.
Wilson was just asking him to go over the new ordinance for unregistered motor vehicle use on the pavement. Turns out that it only covers 900 feet of cove Ln off of Windrock Rd which technically means driving to Rock Hollow Camp via pavement is illegal since its way down Cove Ln. Mostly irrelevant since there is a trail there but getting a disable rig there via the road would be much easier.
Looks like a great time! Yall need to run trail 21 next time you are there. You would have a blast. 12 looks like something I need to put on my list of trails to run. Thanks for sharing!
FYI there was an "ATV only" sign at the start of 9 but we were too invested at that point. It was plenty wide enough for a Jeep too. Now 12 has a ton of tight turns in between trees when close to trail 13, way tighter than 9.