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What did you do to your rc this week?

Oh trust me, I know. I used to race 1/10th scale electric trucks in the 90s, and 1/8th scale Nitro trucks in the early 2000s (actually built and ran a track for a while many years ago). I'm just looking for something rtr to play with. I can upgrade over time as stuff breaks, but I don't want to buy something that needs upgrades out of the box to have any fun with. The yeti fits that bill, but I'd rather have a solid axle.
You can pickup a decent sensors brushless setup for around $100. Just buy the bomber, better yet buy a used one.

If you are looking for an scx10 I have a brand new rtr jk for sale cheap.

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Didn't you just get that SCX Brooks lol!

I would say the Bomber would be the better bet. The bomber is more of multipurpose rig.

I added a couple more Jeep bodies for some upcoming builds!

I still have this rig and it has seen a few updates over the past year...and a half.

First of all, I took this to the RC4WD Challenge Series event in Disney Oklahoma last year. I took a 6th place...not bad considering I was on the smallest tires there lol

Just a couple pics.


After that awesome event, it made another appearance at Frashier's Funpark. This was a team event, I teamed up with Skerb and we took the win in class 1!



I headed down to Florida for the Killer Klowns G6 event last October. I had intended to run another rig...didn't have time to get everything sorted on that one. So, out popped the TJ and I made the decision to put the big tires on it. So, a minor body adjustment and on went some Axial Krawlers and VP OMF wheels. The little TJ didn't disappoint! It completed the 6 hour endurance run!


If that wasn't enough fun in one day...went right back out for the night run!

The aftermath...

I am sure that the hotel staff wasn't happy with the condition of the shower after some rig cleanup lol

After that event, I put it on the shelf and had intended to let it hang out there.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. I had planned to build another C1 rig for ECSC, but I determined that I didn't have time to do it properly and get the test time in. Sooooo...the TJ got some new updates and parts!

Hanging out with the C2...


I knew that I was going to need some bigger rolling stock for ECSC. So, on went some RC4WD Baja Claw TTC 4.19 tires! I swapped them onto my trusty OMF wheels and on they went. The hubs were a little wide...but we will get to that later.


I installed a set of Locked Up Pro Hubs as well as a set of Lil' Nova dual stage foams.


Last but not least, I installed a set of .225 SLW hubs. It pulled the wheels in just right! Not a full tire tuck, but like pretty much any lifted jeep out there...the tires stick out a bit!


Not pictured is the new Mini 9.5 winch...will get that up shortly!

Enjoy! I am in the process of tearing the bumpers and sliders off of it for some fresh paint. After that, off to ECSC!