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What did you do to your rc this week?

Well the forum has been dead lately and I'm bored at work. What did you do to your rc this week? I splurged alittle and ordered a few parts, I ordered some mip drive shafts, HH torque master 35t, HH brxl, 2.2 iroks, Python aluminum beadlocks, aluminum skid plate, I didn't like the strc knuckles and chubs so I ordered some vanquish knuckles and vanquish chubs. I'm sure I'm forgetting something but sure can't wait for things to show up next week!


Me too, had a lot of fun digging in the dirt at the Farmers Daughter parking lot up in TN. No work lately though. I do need to clean it up and finally do the new body panels.
We should rename this thread, what do you need to do to your RC this week? haha.

I think Cole has 2 broken driveshafts, and Chase's reciever died.

Who else needs to do some work before we go 1/10 wheeling next?
I ordered my sour gear so hopefully I can finally put this thing back together if I can find all screws :shaking: oh and take my tranny apart and out the new gears in. So much to do so little dang time!!
Nahhh got work Friday morning, not even sure if my spur gear will be here this week, and I can't use any of my old ones since I went with a 32p pinion.
Well just got an email and the spur gear I ordered is on back order for a few weeks which they didn't have on their site... Canceled order but everywhere else is out of them... Back to searching, need a 32p 56t spur gear that will work on the wraith so keep an eye out!