Ultimate Adventure 2015

So I was able to go on another UA trip this year. It was very last minute.
As in 6 hours of prep, then hit the road for 550 miles. In those 6 hours was taking my 40" MTRs off and mounting 37"(well used, so 35" now) Falkens.

Arrival Day 550 miles from SC-NC-VA-WVA-Ohio. Rained most of the way, no wipers, TJ Fog lights aren't driving lights, Radiator puked black goo in a Wal Mart parking lot.

Day 1 St Claisville OH, Powerline Offroad park

Day 2 One hell of a road day. 600 miles, 22 hours. Hit another park in Ohio. 2 beadlock bolts broken.

Day 3 Harlan Ky Brand new PSC pump quit on the low side. Had to run 1100 RPM to turn it.
Day 4 Road day

Day 5 Tellico NC

Day 6 Road day NC-GA-AL-TN 300 miles 10 beadlock bolts
Day 7 AOP Chatanooga TN

Return Home 256 Miles 6 beadlock bolts

2086 Miles Averaging 14MPG at 60 MPH with the stock 4.0/ 6 speed turning 2500 rpm.
2 ferry rides, a PS pump, 24ish beadlock bolts broke, lots of mud rain everyday

Moral of the story- Take a chance, get out there even if you have "issues".
Put an application in for the UA next year, it is an awesome trip.
In the mean time, I plan on running a couple of these trips in our local area.
Hope to see you out there.
Thats awesome Ken. I'd love to one day be able to do something like that, need another jeep first.

How'd your rig do on its maiden voyage? Whats your wheelbase?
I was up at Harlan and chatted with some of the guys there looked like a lot of fun. Really surprised that they only ran Rail Bed and Lower Rock Garden. I figured Mason Jar would have been high on the list. I didn't realize UA was about back roads travel until I meet those guys and chatted with them some. Congrats! My heap would never make the road days!
Brooks, As I learned last time, the road days are the hardest.
After deep mud and banging driveshafts on rocks, the majority of issues were U-Joints, driveshafts, lockers, vibrations from mud in wheels, blown ps or transmission lines and overheating.
Not too bad for several hundred miles in a day. On the last road day, 8 out of 25 dropped out.