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Renegade CJ


So, not done but very close. I have to attach the wiring to the firewall and do some sort of loom. Also have to finish the new switch/gauge panel and wire that stuff up.

Fan is now ran off of the PCM, but I am going to add a switch so it can run on the trail if it were to get hot without it running. The fuel pump is now powered by the PCM. Also put in an acceptable battery isolator/kill switch. Not 100% happy with where it's at, but it will work and is much better than what was there

Hope to finish the gauges/switches tomorrow and on to the front end.
Made the gauge/switch panel this afternoon. Once this is in and wired up the wiring project will be complete.

A small step above the old one
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Got the steering box mount finished today. Have to get some bolts and cut down my spacers. I gained about an inch of wheelbase and got the box up about 4-5 inches in comparison to the old mount.

Cutting the trac bar mount off is gonna be fun but it will be worth it. Next weekends goal is to have the front end all mocked up and cleaned up.

Then it will be on to the rear axle truss.

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Yeah, I have another 86 tub that is unmolested and rust free. This tub isn't terrible but I had already bought the other tub. It's in a picture on the first page I think. The hood on this one is trashed also.

Plan is to leave the patina look on the blue Renegade and cut the rear similar to what Nick and Marcus have. I absolutely despise a comp cut tub.

Renegade CJ got a Valentine's Day gift. Steering arms that allow tie in with the knuckle.

The further this build goes the more excited I'm getting. Ready to be in a four seat full bodied beat down mobile again!

So I got a little more wheelbase out of the move than I thought. Went from 104.5" to 108". Could go another 1/2" I think and be perfectly straight on the drag link.

Think these joints will be OK??
Is this a trap? How much thread engagement?
I would like to take a good look at that twisted pitman arm one weekend if I could. I will give you a buzz.
Took a six month pause for the cause on the CJ, but will be getting back on it here soon. Finally ordered the case this weekend, so when that comes in that should give me motivation.

My goal is to have this thing complete by March of 2019 now. I think that's achievable.
Well, March is quickly approaching and i've done nothing further than clean the shop up some.... Planning to get back going some this weekend.
Finished the frame up front today where it was notched for clearance (terribly). Unchurched my air shocks and got it at full bump to check clearance. Full bump still have 1 to 1-1/2” clearance up front. Very happy with that.

May move the upper shock mount to gain a little up travel. Currently at 3” of up travel it would be at 75-76” to top of cage. Which is lower than the Buggy was I think.

Feel like I’ve been working on re-doing this front disaster for a year now. Oh, wait.... so, today I got the track bar finished, measured the new links, put the new steering arms and marked them for the mill. Hoping to go Mill the arms and cut links tomorrow or sometime this week. That will allow me to complete the front finally. Then can move to relocating the upper shock mount and the Atlas install. #OSCARORBUST