Post your Picture of the day

Finally got to use the new disco. Towing 6.7L new industrial diesel engine to a trade show. Shippers decided they didn't want to pick it up so I had drag it down. Other than the uhaul being a wobbly SOB, didn't really even notice it was back there. I'm happy with this car and glad I went diesel. Maybe one day I'll have a real people trailer to use on the back of this thing.

Major expansion to Ram-Rod Speed Shop this year, getting closer to operational now. I will have the ability to roll or brake light gauge metal as well as CNC plasma work in house. And got a deal on a bead blast cabinet today… So, If anyone needs parts I hope to be up and running Friday. 16 ga (decorative), 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 plate in house and ready to cut parts. Can design as necessary.