Oscar3 coverage

Alright guys the time is here. We are on on the way to OSCAR! This will be the thread that we use for the photo contest so post up your ride pictures, videos, and stories here!

Here is a recap of the picture challenge.

In case you missed it!

OSCAR3 PIC-VID CONTEST (Sponsored by OffroadSC.com)

As always, after the event, there will be a thread started on this forum for pictures and videos that you take at the event. This year, we figure we would add a little incentive to remember to take pictures/videos and remember to post them when you get back. Sooooo, we have a contest for you. Post your pictures and videos to the provided thread. There will be a limited time to post your pictures (deadline to be announced). Then at the end of that time frame, a voting thread will be created and all posted pictures and videos will be available in that thread for voting. A period will be allowed for voting (that amount time will be announced). Then at the end of the contest, the ones with the most votes in the following categories will win the prizes. If there are multiple with the same amount of votes, we will create a poll to determine the winner in each category.

$100 - Best action shot
$100 - Best pose
$125 - Best video

Embedded images/videos only! This contest is for pictures posted and viewable on the forum only (If you are a sponsor, you can upload to the forum itself, if not, you may use an external host, but the picture has to be embeded, no links). Do not just put a post that says "my pics are on my facebook page". Those will not be eligible. Videos can be hosted on a platform like Youtube as long as it can be viewed within the forum page.

To make this clear: for your pictures/videos to be eligible for the contest, you must be able to see them on the forum page.

Limit one prize per person. Person must be a registered user on offroadsc.com to vote.

Good luck, we can't wait to see what you come up with.


Fueling up in Canton, NC. We have about 7 in the convoy.