Oscar1 pics!

You have to subtract the dana 44s and stock tires and rims and such. I have 65K in reciepts for mine but don't have 35K in it. Unless of course the dana 44s are in the back seat and didn't get parlayed back into the rock jocks. Anyhoo, sounds like Oscar won't be getting a vote from Harva next election season. Harva-Neal 2013!
That was a couple yrs ago so I'm sure its 70 now. I have every reciept for every nut, bolt, bearing, tire, fluid, brake pads, motor swap, tranny swap, 5 sets of axles, three sets krawlers, six sets rims, lockers...........why I keep them, don't know. Worthless if bot still on jeep.
We did that one at 2am. Was there some sort of walking bridge or something? J thought that pic was crawfords cry.

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