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OffroadSC Annual Ride #OSCAR6 April 2017


Probably 26, but I'll confirm after the meeting monday.
We will be leaving Leesville 10:30 ish Wednesday. That will put us at Bill and frans around 11:30. I doubt those towing trailers will even stop. If there are others meeting there, I can swing through the parking lot.

Plan is to drive straight I26 until people need fuel, probably somewhere around johnson city tn, and stop for fuel and food, then finish the trip.
So, hopefully I am not a JINX.... Weather is looking very promising for the weekend. I'm sure with all of this rain they have had everything will be very slick and muddy but we should have good riding conditions otherwise. Throttlefest 2017 coming soon.
When it was showing 80 percent or better every day I was just going to drive the gx and ride dirt roads and hit up the hot tub with Keith stone