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Meet #13

looks pretty awsome man. how hard is it to take off the top part with that one? Can you leave the tonneau and windjammer on with the top part off?
You would not be able to leave the back window with the top completely off. Tonneau cover alone is ok. The top would not come completely off very easy because of the folding mechanism. But it was more important to me to have the enclosed back window. Back window section can come off easily or you can just unzip and lower the window. Its only been a couple days but so far i like it.
Sometimes, if you listen carefully, the Jeep will tell you what you need to up grade next. Last weekend at Uwharrie mine decided a tie rod should be next. I like the Rustys Off-road stuff so I went with their beefed up tie rod. 1.75 DOM .25 wall with bigger forged ends. The ends have a bigger "ball" inside the joint but the taper matches the JK.

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