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Meet #13

On your 2013 what did you have to do with the exhaust where the driveshaft touches at droop?
Turns out I had to uninstall TapTalk before my email would authenticate for me to be able to use the new format.

Anyway. I have done nothing with the exhaust/driveshaft. On my last JK it rubbed the rubber boot at full droop but never really caused an issue. With this Jeep I plan to upgrade the driveshafts anyway.
I think my brake lines were breaking down on the inside. I've had problems with two calipers sticking. The first I replaced but I'm holding off on the second to see if these new lines fix the problem. I flushed the system out really well during the install. The peddle deffinantly feels better with steal braided lines. And I really hated that metal bracket on the front lines.

Have any of you done anything different with your speed sensor lines?

Never mind the crappy shocks I have new ones on the list. I just got these with the lift to get me by for a little while. I want to go with something nice. I've been looking at Metal Cloak six packs or Falcon 3.3s. Both are very expensive but I really want a better ride.

20190303_160726.jpg 20190303_160715.jpg
I got the winch in the factory bumper. I used the Maximus3 center mount plate. No problems there. And did not have to relocate that little vacume pump. The Stock hook sucks, ill probably change that pretty soon.

I put in this cargo rack from Rustys Off-road. It mounts to factory threaded holes on the stock roll bar. I wanted to be able to load the rear without stacking stuff on top of each other. It sits high enough that the tonnneau cover will still go on.

20190313_125749.jpg 20190313_123536.jpg 20190313_123515.jpg
These brackets were mounted to my roll bar when I bought the jeep. I later realized they were hi lift jack mounts. When I bought my Twraflex tire carrier I found a company offering a free Hi-lift jack with the purchase of the tire carrier. The price was the same for the tire mount as on any other site so I went for it. So I mounted the free jack to the free mounts. I added a piece of foam to keep the rattle down and it works well so far. I'm not a big fan of these jacks but for free I figured I'd give it a go. It gives me street cred at the mall. Safari top still fits with no problem.

20190313_123550.jpg 20190313_123543.jpg
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I'm using the JCR truss this time. It fits really well and is so much easier to install verses the Artech I used on my last JK. These are going on front and rear.

20190410_185135.jpg 20190410_185121.jpg 20190410_185101.jpg
I added a new top. I liked the Bimini Top and Tonneau I had but there was nothing to block out the weather/rain from coming in. I could have added a wind jammer back window but that still doesn't keep out the rain, especially on these 4 doors. So I got a Rampage Trail View Tonneau Top. It has the same look as before but with a rear cab enclosure. And the sunrider flip top is pretty cool. No more hard top for me.

20190522_174613.jpg 20190522_174606.jpg 20190522_174555.jpg 20190522_174546.jpg 20190522_174543.jpg
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looks pretty awsome man. how hard is it to take off the top part with that one? Can you leave the tonneau and windjammer on with the top part off?