MCJ NC and TN Campout


What's the elevation change from the town of Erwin (where we're getting our forecast) to the top of the mountain where we're camping? Just wondering if I should pick up some snow chains ;).
Looks like a good bit of fun. Hate we couldn't make it. The MCJ trip to Fatz in Clinton was nice though. :eeek:
Honestly I am glad that you all turned around we all had some good scratches on our jeeps after that trail. I don't think you would have been happy with deep scratches in that new jeep 😃 but it was a great time 😃See you at toys for tots 😃
Had a great time guys, I'm sorry for the confusion Friday night. It was an adventure for sure! Saturday afternoon the wind totally died and it was a nice 50 degree evening until around 3AM when it started snowing haha.

And we saw a cute little black bear Sunday morning on the way out.

. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1448389031.387865.jpg

We also went inside the cave, that's always a bit interesting




When I opened my tent up Sunday night it was still covered in snow and ice.