Jeep Minivan Build

Been enjoying the hell out of this Jeep and it’s been awesome on a number of long distance trips. On our way back from our camping trip through West Virginia in July I noticed a ticking starting on the way home. I did some research and identified it as a roller rocker on the drivers side. I basically parked the Jeep then and have only moved it in and out of the covered area to access trailers. So I called the dealer thinking it would be under warranty as it’s less than 100k miles, but alas I had run out the time so no dice and it was going to be 1800-3k for them to fix. So I started doing research on how to fix it and what I would need. I was able to view probably 20 videos on the process of doing the work because this motor is in a ton of Chrysler vehicles. I ended up getting the special tools required and the parts in a few weeks ago. This weekend I dig into it and replaced the rockers and lifters in the drivers side head. I bought the Chiltons digital repair manual and it walked you through the order of operations for plugs, and brackets because it’s a tight fit in there. Took me about 8 hours of actual wrench time to replace but I was taking my time and making sure everything was torqued time spec on the reassembly. She’s purring like a kitten again now!

Same here. I have mentioned selling my 2500 multiple times and upgrading when the market turns. I'm just leery of getting into a truck I don't know, when I have had this one so long and I don't really need more truck. I would love to have a white 16-18 2500 though.... but, the taxes would probably make me regret that.

This market is so nuts. I could more than likely turn a profit on my 2500 and I have owned it for 10 years....