Jeep Minivan Build

Around the fall of 2014 we started looking for a jeep JKU. At that time we were still seeing plenty of 2014 jeeps on the lot and fell in love with the Granite Crystal Color. We then found out we could not order a 2015 in that color as it had been discontinued. So, we spent about 6 months searching for a Granite crystal sport or sahara with the options we wanted that was new. Skip to May of 2015 and we finally found what we were looking for, but it was used...and a Rubicon. Well, it had everything we wanted but a hard top, but the price was thousands less than we had been seeing for similar jeeps. I actually found the jeep advertised by a Jeep dealer in Texas on Ebay.

So after filing the paperwork they shipped the jeep to us with a 250 mile/7 day money back guarantee.



Our first trip was to the Clemson 4 wheel Poker Run. We had a great time testing it out on the trail and it was a dream to be able to pack all of our stuff with room to spare!


Next trip was to Carolina Beach for a week of fun.



Last weekend we went to the MCJ Backwoods trip and tested out the 4wd on some muddy trails in the swamp.



This wont be a big crazy build, but I figured it would be a good place to keep track of stuff.
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A few weeks after we got the jeep we had the P0520 Code come up for the Oil Pressure Sensor, so a trip to the dealer and it was replaced under warranty.

On the way to Carolina Beach our GPS started cutting out sometimes when we started the jeep.

After getting a 5 tire rotation and having them balanced at a local shop in Chapin the jeep would not relearn the TPMS locations.

Took it to the dealer this week and they replaced two of the TPM sensors and ordered us a new Garmin 430n headunit.

I tell ya what, new vehicles are crazy.
Found a good deal on a hardtop that was color matched to my mother in laws jeep. So I went up to Asheville and picked it up last week.



we traded it out before the backroads trip.
Our Jeep Minivan Build

Picked up some refills for my first so kit and also made one for the jk. Used the contents along with a few other things in a pelican case.

Walmart has them for around $9. It was one of the few I found with actual boxes of band aids.