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Guzzy Build

unfortunately its been business as usual for me, meetings every day, and we are marching on with the procurement process on our Design Build Projects.
Same here, although some days are less busy than others. I've been eating lunch while working, then stepping out to the garage for a break.
Things left to do:
  • Finish Cage
  • Adjust Rear Pinion Angle
  • Install Dash
  • Install Steering Column
  • Modify Rear Seat bracket for TJ to LJ
  • Install new shifter boot and seals
  • Install Console
  • Install Seats
  • Install Hood
  • Get Windshield Installed
  • Paint Front Bumper
  • Install Winch
  • Weld new tabs on rear bumper
  • Paint Rear Bumper
  • Bleed Brakes
  • Weld up Exhaust extension
  • Fill Fluids:
    • Rear Diff
    • Transfercase
    • Transmission
    • Motor
    • Power Steering