Edisto Beach State Park Presidents day weekend

Visited Edisto Beach State Park over the presidents day weekend. Second trip with the GF and she is hooked on camping as well now. Weather couldn't of been better and only rained late Saturday night. If you haven't been I highly recommend as its my favorite camp spot for now. We even ended up being there the same weekend as a VW camper rally which was pretty cool to see!

Average 20.5 around SC and Georgia. When we went to NC a few moths ago I was around 19MPG. Dry weight for the trailer around 1200 so loaded up I have to be close to the max 2000lbs. She pulls fine and stops quickly. Trans temp never goes above 174. We will see what that goes to in the summer. I do want to add trailer brakes as it is squirrely when being pulled by my TJ but I would have a guess that its because she is on 35s and has hundreds of pounds of armor and other crap on her that makes stopping a wee bit scary.