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Uwharrie Work Day May 16th 2015

Received this from Terry Friday.

Hi Everyone – I hope you’re all doing well. The next Volunteer Work Day is Saturday, May 16th!! I won’t be there this month as I’ll be traveling to a trails symposium in OR on Saturday. Joel Hardison will be working with you all for this work day. Jeff Greene & Pete Powell may also help out too.

Here’s the plan for this month. Meet Joel at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp at 9 am and get signed in. Continue with the installation of guardrail on Daniel Trail. These sections have been flagged already by Joel, Darin & myself. These are the sites labeled A & B and the section in-between A & B that is to be slashed in. The guardrails and posts are on site already so once every meets up and gets signed in with Joel you’ll all be able to head out to the Daniel Trail. The slashing in of the ridge line will take folks with winches that can winch trees a ways from the trail and then basically line them along the edge of the trail to make a boundary to indicate where the trail really is.

We have gotten a big supply of our fiberglass / carsonite signs in so I’ll have them ready with the “No Vehicle” signs to be put up behind the slash & guardrail and in the illegal bypasses. We appreciate your help and continued support on the trails.

Bye - Terry