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Uwharrie Work Day June 13th 2015

Next work day is June 13th:

Hi Everyone – The next Volunteer Work Day is June 13th. Joel & I will meet you at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp at 9 am. The plan for this work day is to complete the guardrail installation at the top of Daniel Trail and to do some signing and blazing of the system trail. We will also re-install the guardrail at the top of the rock crawl on Dickey Bell Trail (if we have time).

Please bring food and water and extra augers, shovels, ratchets, shovels, sledge hammers, gloves, etc. Joel mentioned that those of you that worked at the last work day thought it might be good to have a bobcat & auger there for the Daniel Trail section that is left to do. Let me know if you’ve got someone working on getting one rented and if there will be an equipment operator among the volunteers there to help out. We can use this for in-kind matching for our grants too.

Bye the way, for the clubs that haven’t turned in their Adopt a Trail forms please email them to me before the 13th or bring them that day. I’m finally updating the information for the kiosks (instead of doing the trail signs that keep getting stolen or vandalized) and I want to make sure I have all of the current adoptees on the list when I put the signs up on all of the TH kiosks this June. I don’t have anything back from the following clubs – Bragg 4x4, UNCC Off Road, CROC, and Carolina Broncos. I know a lot of your groups are still volunteering and some new groups have talked to me but haven’t sent any paperwork back. If your club doesn’t want to adopt a trail anymore and just volunteer when you can that is ok but please email me back and let me know that is what your club wants to do.

Thanks a lot everyone. We really appreciate your help. See you on June 13th. Bye - Terry
Hi Everyone – This is a friendly reminder that this month’s work day is this Saturday, June 13th. We’ll meet at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp at 9 am. Joel & I will be working with you. Snappy will be there with a bobcat and the group with him will concentrate on getting the Daniel Trail work completed. We have 2 new augers that we’ll bring with us and if we have enough people there we’ll take another group to work on Dickey Bell Trail. There are a few sections of split rail down and then we have the guardrail to reinstall that is at the top of the hill climb to do with the hand augers.

I also have some new signs to install in areas we’re we’ve already barricade. They are large (18” x 20”) signs to put up so if folks have battery powered drills / screw drivers & a ladder so that we can install these high up on trees (somewhat out of people’s reach) then I can have a small group of folks know where to install these signs along the trails.

Bring lunch, water, work gloves, sunscreen, etc. to be prepared for a hot day. I have to leave off the trails and head to the office by 3 pm & I think we’ll be done by then. Thanks again everyone. See you Saturday. Bye - Terry