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USFS seeks input on FS roads in Chattahoochee NF (GA)

Comments needed by April 13, 2012.


Excerpted text from link above (emphasis added in bold):

This transportation study will help us find a way to use our limited resources to balance the needs for access to the forest with the protection of clean water and a healthy forest. The transportation study is not a proposal or decision, but is intended to help guide us in planning future road management.
The number of overdue road maintenance projects continues to grow, while public use of our roads is increasing. Roads that cannot be adequately maintained can be dangerous to visitors and threaten forest health. They can increase sedimentation into rivers and streams, degrading water quality and impacting fish and wildlife.
Possible options that may be considered for each road include:

  • Maintaining at the current standard
  • Changing the level of maintenance (ex., from passenger car to high-clearance vehicle)
  • Adding seasonal restrictions
  • Implementing year-long closures
  • Decommissioning (this is by far the most popular option among cash strapped bureaucrats)