Tire balancing

So i just bought a new set of 40 inch maxxis razr tires for my tj build. Going to mount them on a set of weld on beadlocks that i got from a buddy of mine. I know with the weld on beadlocks my chances of getting them to balance out perfect are slim but im wanting to do Air soft BBs in them because im too cheap for dynabeads. Who has done this and is there a certain brand of BB you used that worked good for you?
I used copperhead BB’s in the weld-on’s on my 4runner and they seemed to do fine. I would think it would take an ass load of air soft BB’s to have enough weight to do anything.

My Krawlers on my Trail-Readys and not balanced at all and have no issues at 70+.
I could see that happening. I never had an issue but only ran that setup about a year. Air Soft wasn't really a viable option 12 years ago...lol
i have used Airsoft, and regular copper bbs and the dynabeads. They all sucked for me. I have had much better luck either running nothing, or using stick on weights.
Modern tire machines can just about balance a square.... Just get them on a good Hunter Road Force machine... You might also be able to find someone that would let you mount up the wheel only and take a grinder/drill/welder to the wheel to get it in balance first.