The Compound Off-road Park

The compound off-road park is a place for the whole family. We have trails, rocks, hills, mud, logs and more.
The compound off-road park is located in Chester SC. can contact @ or

The Compound Off-Road Park is 115 acres of hills, trails, creeks, rocks and mud holes, for vehicles and ATV's. We do let people camp.
It $5 a person and kids under 12 are free. I hope to open the trails in December .
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I saw one of your posts on Facebook. It's good to see another place to wheel fairly close by. Look forward to getting out there soon. Welcome aboard!


Are you open every weekend? Post up some details.

What are the trails like? Is there more for stock or built rigs? What's the terrain look like as trails wear in?

I'd go sometime in January, Marcus.
Woo! Its so close to me! 2 guys i work with said 1 of their buddies was building a place in chester. If its anything like our farm outside chester there's lots of hill & random big rocks/outcroppings.