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T-Shirt / Long Sleeve / Short Sleeve / Hoodie

I should have posted this earlier for those of you "Proxy" Mid Carolina Jeepers Members.

We are putting together a order for more apparel. Feel Free to Order what you would like. We typically distribute them at meeting but we can normally arrange other delivery methods.


If you want to order more than 2 of any item just submit the form multiple times.

PS I have a little surprise for members at the next meeting, I think you will like them.

Need the orders submitted by Monday 10/11/15
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For those asking about pricing to pay for your preorders:

Short sleeve T - $13
Long sleeve T - $15
Hoodie - $25

Add $2 for XXL or larger.

If you're paying with PayPal, please check what the fee will be for your total and add it in.
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We have the pickup covered, unfortunately they will not be in my hands until the weekend of the 15th. First pickup opportunity will be the meeting 11/16.