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suzuki samurai

I have a 1991 Suzuki Samurai for sale. I have had the samurai since 2014 and have built it myself from stock to what it is now. I am wanting to sell the samurai because its hard to fit a family of four in and I need more room. It doesn’t look perfect but it is a very capable off road vehicle. It hasn’t been a “mud toy” I trail ride in it and rock crawl. It does have some dents but that’s expected in off-roading. . The only mud its been in is on the trail and hasn’t been sunk in a mud hole or had the brakes beat off of it. The samurai was initially fuel injection then the owner that had it before had it switched it to carbureted. At the begging of this year I swapped it to full propane. This has not been driven on road and has been for off road use only. I’m asking $9500 OBO but unfortunately I have a lot more than $9500 in it.

text or call (864)903-1983 if I don't answer leave a voice mail and i will call back. most of the time i don't answer unknown calls due to the amount of telemarketers i get daily

Parts list​

-1.3 Suzuki motor w/ extra motor and trans
-Toyota truck axles 4.10 gears welded front rear W/ 2 open diffs
-all carbureted parts and fuel injection parts
-6.5-1 trail gear tcase gears
-rear disk brakes
-Subaru Imperza master cylinder for improved braking with rear disk brakes
-4 link rear stretched 12 “Barns 4wd heims joints and brackets
-3 link front stretched 2” Barns 4wd heims joints and brackets
wheel base is right at 100”
-fox 2.0 air shocks all the way around
- Jeep Cherokee power steering box and pump.
- roll cage
-front seats from jeep Cherokee.
-Front drive shaft flanges from 93 Toyota 4runner to allow more flex in front.
- High steer with heim joints.
-Heavy duty tcase mount (cant remember the brand.)
-35” BFG Km2s still like brand new. They have one trip to Moab, UT on them and 2 trips to the gulches on them. Don’t leek air or have bad cuts in them.
- Propane injection
-electric fan
-soft top
-front windshield/cab and doors are removable. Doors slide up and off hinges. Front windshield unbolts and slides up and over cage.

-front axle seals
- valve cover gasket
-radiator has a small leak and will eventually need to be replaced

IMG_3696.JPG IMG_3697.JPG IMG_3778 (Edited).jpg IMG_1054.JPG IMG_0479.png IMG_0479.png IMG_0474.jpg IMG_0475 2.jpg IMG_0476.jpg IMG_0477 2.jpg