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Silver JKU

Yes, I meant to take a pic but forgot until it was bolted up. It's sort of perforated, I just cut along the lines (rear of the bracket) and installed the cam washers.

Since I've had lots of time to conjure up things to do... I've always loved the simplicity of these bumpers from Olympic 4x4, but was never crazy about the top winch mount. My plan is get one of the winch plates for the Hard Rock style bumpers and fit it to my current one. I feel like it's probably better off mounted within the frame rails and not on top. Also have a bull bar with light mounts I plan on cutting down a bit and welding to the top.

IMG_20200329_155312.jpg IMG_20200329_155320.jpg IMG_20200329_155359.jpg IMG_20200329_155406.jpg
i like your idea, The between the frame rails mounting isn't too difficult..
If you wanted to save a buck or two you might grab one of those harbor freight mounting plates as a starting point.

Grab you some Rope while your at it... Cable is out, Rope is hip....
I hate I didnt get to you before you cut out those slots int he axle. Those can be a huge problem if they get loose at all and are a common cause of death wobble. Just make sure you keep them tight.
I debated installing them - found a few instances of people having issues with them. Most seemed to be around wheeling pretty hard. Worst case scenario if they do become an issue, I can weld them in place.
I've had an annoying squeak since the lift install. You could hear it when rocking all 4 corners and going over bumps. Finally isolated it last night to the passenger rear swaybar link. The upper bolt was a tad loose.

Also, got to play in the dirt last Sunday!