Rubihara #541

I have for the most part been out of wheeling for almost 10 years. Last year my boys really showed interest and we brought the Rzr to Oscar. They had a blast but I quickly figured out we are not Rzr trail riding people. So with the help of Matt and Nick we found this unit. Not planning to make many changes as this thing already has a ton great parts but I will be swapping the 35” Mickeys for some 37” Bfg’s, getting a new top, and redoing the steering adding hydraulic assist. It has definitely been wheeled so I won’t feel terrible about beating on it.

IMG_0191.jpeg IMG_0197.jpeg IMG_0210.jpeg
Ordered a replacement Rampage top yesterday after talking with Matt and Larry. It showed up today surprisingly. Got it on but it needs some sun and stretching. Also a little more work on the door surrounds with the Genright cage. Also put in an old Apple CarPlay Pioneer radio I had saved from another truck. I need to align it a little better it works pretty well.

IMG_0221.jpeg IMG_0222.jpeg IMG_0223.jpeg
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The LJ went in for some ball joint and steering work today. Ball joint delete. Ported steering box and switched the Curry steering out with heim a setup from Cavfab. Got it back together with Mac’s help. I will be posting up the 35” Mickeys, metal cloak flares, Curry steering, and the old bestop if anyone is looking.

Haven’t updated recently but I swapped out the Dirty Life wheels and 35” Mickeys for some OMF Wheels and 37” Maxxis Rzr. Worked on the hydro assist today and it definitely made a difference. Cut down the 6” Metal Cloak flares and like the look better but I’m still wanting to find a set of poison spyder fenders or go with some Motobuilt 2” fenders and flares.

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