Recon G6 at Glendale Shoals! June 29th

Ok everyone. Our next event is going to be a G6 type event at Glendale Shoals just outside of Spartanburg SC.

More information to be announced soon!
Sunday June 29Th, 2014 / Driver's Meeting @ 9:00AM!

There will be a 5$ entry Per class, this will include your

This Event will be located in Spartanburg, SC at the Glendale Shoals Preserve off of Emma Cudd & Country Club Road. 34.941781,-81.838814

We are proud to announce that the Carolina Scale Crawlers will be hosting a Recon G6 in honor of it being formed! We will being running a full day event with tons of driving time and extremely fun "voluntary" challenges through the day. On top of that we are planning to run a King of Hammers race after the G6'n is done! Usually we do Lil Caesar's pizza since it is so close, we will have a lunch break around 12:30. We are looking at roughly 100 gate course that ranges from 45-90 minutes of driving time. We will be running besides a rather large creek with several water crossings or gates, nothing over the wheel hubs of course . Waterproofing & Winches are strongly recommended but are not mandatory! I would definitely recommend to have a tow rope of some sort to use for yourself or another vehicle for recovery! There will be absolutely NO HOG or self assist UNLESS it is your winch or from someone else. After the G6'n we will do a King of Hammers race. This will also be featuring an Unlimited class for the go fast stuff out there!

Things to Bring - Bug Spray, Drinks, Extra Batteries, Tow Rope, Folding Chair, Camera's!

Should you cause problems for others, you may be asked to leave. We're trying to keep this fun, and we don't want anyone to ruin it for others. In short, don't be an *** or throw a temper tantrum, and we'll all be fine. This is a family event, and there will be kids there, so make sure yours are under control as well. This is Public property, everything we bring in goes with us when we leave! Being that said, please be aware there are several slick/dangerous area for kids and event adults, please keep control of your kids and even yourself.

If there are any other questions or concerns about the location or places to stay please feel free to contact me via PM, I will be more than happy to help out!

Please post up what classes you plan to enter!
Had a blast everyone! Hope that everyone else had as much fun as I did! Really want to thank Robert for doing a ton of legwork on this one!
Yeah man, had a great time, we definitely had a good crowd, did you have a tally on the number of trucks?

I'm hoping somebody got some pics as I didn't think to take a single one, my dale sat on the picnic table at camp all day.