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Had a solid 4th of July. Lots of good food and some cold ones. Very few phone calls. Lots of boat time with the wife and the pup. Hung out with the niece and nephews all weekend. It was quite relaxing. Going back to work today was tough. Gotta pay for projects somehow though...

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Enjoyed the hell out of my 4th as well, Uncle invited me and my dad to his gun club in Belton, Pulled out at 6am and landed my first shot @ 300 yards around 8:15. I've never had the opportunity to shoot over 120 yards. I was impressed as hell to even hit the paper that far out. I was so excited to be on the paper and hit the 12 inch gong that i forgot everything i had practice for long range shooting.
106720091_602907617008487_9194411338929775951_n.jpg 20200704_083618.jpg

Stayed and shot some trap (Man that was difficult), Pistols etc until it got hot around noon. Made the drive home, showered and grabbed the wife and headed off to the Lake, ice cream machine in tow....
Whipped up a batch of orange crush ice cream and mixed the first of what would be many Gentleman and Gingers. Brought my camera along this year as the dock is right down the barrel of the fireworks. Snapped some decent pics. Mainly wanted to test my lens after being rebuild.
20200704_190828.jpg _N9A4514.jpg _N9A4529.jpg _N9A4550.jpg _N9A4512.jpg


I have a metric shit ton load of 1/4" steel plate, approximately 18" wide, 8'9" long, rolled edges. Don't have a use for most of it so if you need heavy table, ramps, tank bridge, whatever let me know... 20200709_131149.jpg