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OffroadSC Annual Ride #OSCAR9 April 24-26, 2020

first draft Submissions from the designers just closed. I'm going to create a thread in the Supporter section so that we can narrow them down. Stand By.
Bueller... Bueller... this is as dead as I have seen an OSCAR thread five weeks out...

Brooks, are you guys still going to Easter Jeep this year with the current situation? Looks like they are canceling most events associated with it.
Sorry, I was sick with the flu last week and then was camping this weekend with no service. And somehow the world blew up while I was gone this weekend.

Final design is chosen, I was not sure about starting registration due to everyone cancelling everything. We will still be inside the KY state limit of 50 people congregated for the event next month.

I'm not sure if we are supposed to cancel the official event or not? I'm talking to a few others currently.
We can do that for this year. And again yall are welcome to go wheeling in Harlan, but I think it may be best to hold off on the official event.