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October 3-6 34th Annual SFWDA Dixie Run @ AOP


Do they limit the numbers on rides? From what I read a while back you can buy event tickets when you get there but they may be a little more expensive. If rides are limited you might want to sign up in advance.
tickets for the event are $10 more at the event. There is a group going to coppinger cove from Foothills jeep club we may be able to jump in with.
I think they limit the number of jeeps in the rides, but they are all currently open still. Scott and Wayne, are yall going to sign up for any? I'm doing the coppinger cove ride Saturday Morning at 8:30. Any others that you want to hit?
I also signed up for the premium ride Friday morning, Cole and the guys from Clemson 4 wheel will be leading it, so I figured I would tag along. Its Friday at 9am.