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March 22-24 MCJ on the Georgia Traverse

The plan will be a 3 day trip through the mountains of North Georgia along the 360 mile Georgia Traverse.


The Georgia Traverse is a collection of county, state and Forest Service roads that comprise a (mostly) off-pavement route across North Georgia. It is designed to be traveled east to west, beginning at Burrells Ford Road along the Georgia / South Carolina border. The Georgia Traverse visits North Carolina and Tennessee before ending at the Georgia / Alabama border. The total mileage of all paved and unpaved sections is 390 miles. I included a few alternate, off-pavement sections to explore along the Traverse. The total mileage includes the alternate sections, as shown in the map and represented in the download. However, roads not explicitly shown as part of the Traverse are not included in the mileage. Of the 390 total miles presented here, 226 miles are unpaved road surfaces consisting of gravel, dirt or both. Connecting the off-tarmac sections are 164 miles of pavement, with just over 40% of the paved miles found west of the Cohutta and Big Frog Wilderness Loop. Though I found limited opportunities for off-pavement connectivity in the western portion of the Traverse, I decided to include what I did find in an effort to offer a border to border travel experience across Georgia. -- Georgia Overland Website

Updated information on Road/Trail closures located here:
we will need to check these the day before we leave.
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Yes, I’m hoping to formalize the camp locations and route in the next few weeks. We will get a plan going here so we will be prepared. I would like for someone to have a chainsaw like we had on the Daniel Boone trip. We have seen many times how it can be critical.
Doing a little more research on this and it seems that the far west end of the route is mostly pavement and I'm thinking we may start at the Cohutta and Big Frog Wilderness Loop for our Friday start location, then work our way East. The track was originally designed to be run East-West, but it makes more sense for us to head the other way so that our drive home Sunday is shorter.


I'm thinking there isn't a need to go west of the line above unless you guys see otherwise.
I'm starting to plan my times based on us leaving bill and frans at a theoretical 8:00am. That would be 5ish hours from Cohutta.
Will do, need to do a little more research on time to travel the trail. I would like to see if we can run some of it friday afternoon, and then saturday I would hope to make it back to close to Clayton, maybe Burrells Ford.
Trying my best to document all of the closures and ensure we can cross the route fully without continually backtracking. Looks like there are a number of closures in place currently, but many of them lift March 4.

Road Closures on the Chattooga River Ranger District
Date(s): Feb 6, 2019

Contact(s): Chattooga River Ranger District, 706-754-6221

Several Forest Service Roads (FSR) on the Chattooga River RD are temporarily closed to motorized public access.
Temporary closure to vehicles is required to protect and maintain roads adjacent to sensitive wildlife habitat and streams. Closures will continue until necessary to prevent further damage.
White County
Rabun County