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King of The Shoals - Top Truck Challenge - November 16th, 2014

Carolina Scale Crawlers will be hosting a Top Truck Challenge @ Glendale Shoals in Spartanburg on November 16th, 2014. I would like to do another event at the shoals before it gets cold, the water is very low and the rocks are still gripping good! There has been several new lines cutout to make for an epic hill climb and all the other courses will be much more difficult than usual. Here is a quick set of rules we are using from the NIRC group, they seem to have a decent system that works. Some of the rules will vary depending on course setup and whatnot. I will keep this thread updated as the date gets closer! http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/illinois/373489-nirc-2012-top-truck-challenge.html "thumbsup"

Here is a general idea of the terrain we will be running in. This is from one of our previous events we held about 2 months ago! http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/sout...ndale-shoals-recon-g6-june-29th-2014-a-8.html


Vehicle requirements for Top Truck Challenge event

-Top Truck rigs will be required to have a minimum of 20 scale points and no more then 40 will be given. Each scale point will be equal to .5 seconds off of the total time of the day.
-Top Truck rigs will be required to meet the current rules for the specific class they are in.. Either 1.9 (C2) or 2.2 (C3). SORRCA rules will be strongly enforced, you know what they are!
-No truck modification between courses.. If you break, a fix can be made with out a performance gain..

Vehicle classes for Top Truck Challenge event

-The classes for this years TTC will include both 1.9 and 2.2
-Each driver can compete in both classes.
-ONE truck allowed per class.
-You can not use the same truck for both classes.

Vehicle suggestions for Top Truck Challenge event

-Your vehicle will get wet and MUDDY, therefore it is HIGHLY suggested to be waterproof. <--- Mainly for Mud Bog $BONUS$
-It is suggested that the vehicle has a working winch, no buddy assistance will be allowed.
- This event will test the limits of the vehicles, therefore it is suggested to make the strongest vehicle possible.
- Mud is sticky, therefore it is suggested that wheel speed and torque be of high concern when preparing your vehicle.
-Be prepared to get wet, have fun, laugh and break some parts!

General scoring and course progress for Obstacle Course 1 & 2:

-Hand of God (HOG) will be a 2 minute penalty..
- If a course can not be completed the driver must call out to stop time, the remaining gates left will be added to the time the vehicle was on the course, 1 gate left is equal to a 30 second time penalty. DNF will ONLY apply to Obstacle 1 & 2, it will be a 2 minute penalty + the gates not completed. Example: If 3 gates are left = 90 seconds (1.5 minutes) + the driver stopped time at 120 seconds (2 minutes). With the 2 minute/120 second DNF penalty it have a total time of 330 seconds for that course.
-winching and reverses are all allowed and are not penalized.
-winching must be off a fixed object or a rig, no assistance is allowed during the winching progress, nor is anyone allowed to be touching the line or hook when winching.
-Goal here is to plan out your run, and make it as fast as possible, winching IS allowed, but obviously can hurt your time. You must be anchored to a rock, tree, anything natural, or pre placed steak before the first person runs.

General scoring and progress for Truck Pull, Hill Climb and Mud Bog:

* Truck pull will consist of 10 gates, each gate progressed will be -10 seconds.. There will be a 30 second timer or until you start to dig!
- Winching and reverse will NOT be allowed!

* Hill Climb will consist of 20 gates, each gates progressed will be -5 seconds.. There will be 7 minute timer for this section!
- Winching and reverse will be allowed!

* Mud Bog will consist of 10 gates, each gate progressed will be -10 seconds.. There will be a 2 minute timer for this section!
- No winching or reverse allowed, anything else is legit!

IF you hit a gate in any of these courses you will then stop time and count only the gates that were progressed!
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Damn, that EB is bad arse. Wish there was a way to take what I have to a platform like this. I am however, way too cheap to spend that kinda money on a RC Crawler.