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Jeep TJ/LJ replacement body mounts


I've never paid enough attention to see if any of the jeeps we wheel with have the replacement lifted body mounts. Anybody done it? I have a couple that have been abused and think this will be soon on the list.

I have a set of aluminum 1" pucks coming to swap out the plastic ones on the rear of the tub and grill shell, and eliminate the 6 pucks in the middle.

I've seen 4 brands:

Swag $164.95, comes in 2 pieces, accommodates 0-2" lift

Artec $219.99, fully welded, 1.25" lift

Poison Spyder $258.99, fully welded, looks like 0-2" lift

UCF $308.00, fully welded, accommodates 0-2" lift

Swag is the front runner on price. Artec is out because it must index on something on the frame and I'm only using 1" pucks. Any experience?