Hi everybody!

Ok, now that I am on a laptop and can get a little longer winded!

This is the new home of the Carolina Scale Crawlers. Most of you already know the group but in an effort to expand our membership, we are trying to become more public. This works well for the group in other ways as well. Most of the manufacturers and vendors want an established group with some organization to send their donations and prizes to! I have created a Facebook group going by this same name. I have provided a link to the Facebook group below.

We will be updating our comp information here as well as on RCCrawler and the Facebook sites. As far as the comps go, for the most part they are going to be staying the same. I know that there were a few ideas that were being spitballed around at the end of the last comp that we will run by the group.

Until then! Have a great one!
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Me too! If we get a big turnout I may sit it out and focus on keeping the event rolling as smoothly as possible.

Got Lockedup as well as B-Machine RC kicking in some goodies!

On another note, the Facebook page is growing quickly as well!
What's up guys I'm in! Love to be part of an official crawler scaler group. Looking forward to the upcoming events and I will bring some people from my area when I come to comps. Glad I met you guys at the warehouse last year.

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Yeah the temps will be up so dress accordingly. There is water at and on the comp course. If you want to go for a swim, more power to you!
We are working on it. Looking like Neal Shoals will be the next one. As for the date, probably going to be on the 3rd but will see what happens. I believe that there are a few going out to Neal Shoals this weekend to do some scouting.

Got you all added into the Facebook Page!