Greenville/Pickens Speedway Event, July 29 & 30

As I announced during Monday's meeting, there will be an event Friday and Saturday nights, July 29th & 30th at the Greenville/Pickens Speedway.

Apparently, they have an obstacle course at the speedway (think tough truck challenge) and want competitors who will be crowd pleasers.

Skip of Gulches fame, talked up MCJ and the organizer would like to deal with one club instead of individuals. We need 10 committed competitors, and I know MCJ can fill the bill!

He is not looking for monster trucks, rock bouncers or tube buggies. The course will be set up for the type of rig that the majority of us drive. Vehicles must be street legal, and he told me the spectators really enjoy seeing daily drivers go through the course. The course is not designed to trash our rigs. It will be a timed event, possibly with a payout. It is not necessary to compete both nights, but we would need 10 rigs each night. I have asked about camping on the premises, and expect an answer shortly.

If we can get enough interested, I plan to run the tj.

Post up if you are interested!
I spoke to the promoter this afternoon, and the course will consist primarily of "gentle hills and whoops", no rocks or mud. Sounds like an opportunity for a little bit of air time!