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Garmin / DeLorme inReach SE Satellite Tracker SOS device

I have a used inReach im looking to sell. Im upgrading to a newer version, only because i got a smoking deal on it. Its used, probably still covered in Moab dust. the only thing not as new is the charging door is missing and the belt clip is gone. But i have 3d Printed a ram ball adapter for it and the proper cradles are available. This is not a gps, it does two way messaging and position reporting via the iridium satellite network.

The service is reasonably priced. https://discover.garmin.com/en-US/inreach/personal/


$100 Cash
Per the website. Its a used unit so call it 85% of what the claimed spec is.

Realistically. With the 10min tracking interval on I have gone a weekend plus on the battery.

Battery Information
Battery Life Mode
Up to 75 hr.10-minute tracking send interval and 1-second log interval
Up to 100 hr. Default mode with 10-minute tracking send interval and 1-minute log interval
Up to 30 days Extended tracking mode with 30-minute tracking send interval
Up to 3 yr. Turned off