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GAP park selling out



I can't see the hardline link, whats the deal with them closing?
Riders, Racers, Crawlers, Mud Riders and Spectators,

This message is to all who have made the Great American Park a great success throughout the last three years. There has been so many great moments of fun and recreation. We have all experienced the thrill of seeing, hearing, and even feeling mud trucks powering through the mud with blasting horsepower and awesome mud tires. We have even seen the rookies force their stock vehicles in the mud. I hope no one's Mama found out where they had been! UTVs and 4 wheelers have rolled through the park with fancy colors and sporty wheels. They have played so hard in the pits and on the trails that the only color visible in the mud was the whites of their eyes.
Then the exciting part that even runs a thrill up a spectators spine - to see a rock rig maximize it's ability throttling up "Marc's Wall". And my favorite was when "Andretti Hill" was conquered for the first time. Foremost is to see the "Ledge of Faith" surrounded by spectators on their tip toes watching those rigs smoke'n rubber on the face of the Ledge. We can go on and on about more exciting moments in the Park. Don't forget those great ECORS races year after year and then the Auburn University ROTC Amphibious Mud Runs. Also the addition this year of, "WEROCK" Dirt Riot racing.

The park was constructed to meet the needs of all the offroad riders. I have received great advice from all types of riders about what they like and dislike. I thank all who have played a part in creating the stuff at the park. It deeply breaks my heart to announce this next message. The Great American Park will be positioned for sale after this year's "Rockfest" event. This will be the last event controlled by the current staff of the Park. I will be moving to a new work location that is not convenient for me to continue to operate the park. I hope that everyone has had a memorable experience at the GAP. If you have not been to the park, then maybe you will be able to make this year's grand finale at "ROCKFEST
Doesn't say they are closing. It says he is selling it. Not getting shut down, he is just moving.
Lets hope they are not closing. You never know what could happen, if he doesn't find a buyer and someone who wants to cut it up into 1/4 acre lots for a subdivision can get it super cheap we may be out of another park. I pray that doesn't happen though.

But your right.. no mention of closing it which is good.


Marcus I thought GrayRock was sold? What is the event on Aug 2?
Tony still owns Gray Rock but they are doing more mining, so he's not doing the events like they used to. I think 2013 they will only be open for 2 events, The Dirt Riot Race and the SRRS Race in August. There is open riding at both events.