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Forest Falls II April 27th


$5 entry per class

This includes a BBQ Lunch!

This comp will be located near Prosperity, SC.

Here is the road we will be meeting on Sunday Morning. You will drive down Langsford street till you get to the event tents. We will be parking vehicles along the road, or if you have an SUV or truck we will park you in the field at the end past the creek where everyone is camping. THERE IS NOT STREET SIGN on LANGSFORD STREET. I will try to put something RC related on the gate so you can tell you are at the right place.


If you think you may have an issue finding the place PM me and I can give you my cell if you dont already have it.

Drivers Meeting starts at 8:00AM with the first runs at 8:30. Have your truck Registered before 8:30.

There will be up to 4 Events. 2 (10 gate) Trail run obstacle courses, a hill climb, and a sled pull. We have streamlined our scoring and courses.

One of the courses has some water on it as seen in the pictures below. I would say nothing is deeper than hub deep if you stay on the trail.

We'll be using the SORRCA rules ( SORRCA.com ) for scale points, you will get bonus points toward your final score for having scale looks.

We will be running Class 1, 2 & 3 at this event. There will be a separate course all together for class 3 rigs, so dont expect to have to squeeze through class 2 gates. This should be good!

If you have a question about your rig and whether it'll be allowed to run, please PM me NOW so we can sort it out or clarify anything prior to you getting out there.

Stuff to bring:
Trucks, transmitter, batteries, charger, and spare parts!
Bug spray
Lawn chairs if you would like to sit on something.

Should you cause problems for others, you may be asked to leave. We're trying to keep this fun, and we don't want anyone to ruin it for others. In short, don't be a dick or throw a temper tantrum, and we'll all be fine. This is a family event, and there will be kids there, so make sure yours are under control as well. This is private property, everything we bring in goes with us when we leave.


There is a great field there on the property, if anyone wants to camp Saturday night you are welcome to come out and enjoy the wooded area and camp.

There is also a holiday inn express at the newberry exit 76 on I26 for anyone afraid of the woods.

Please Post up what classes you plan to enter. See yall there!
had a good time definitely. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks to Terry and Robert for the pics, I was busy judging or setting up and didnt get to get any.



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Edit: Nevermind...figured it out...flux capacitor glitched on that run!!!