Exit 33 Information


Contact me by PM if you are interested in getting a key. $100 gets you a key for the year. I'll need name and a contact number to give to Tim.

I asked about rules and he said it's pretty simple. Be responsible, don't trash the place, don't drink and drive, and have fun. A membership is good for you and a guest vehicle. You can ride, camp, fish, and shoot (there is one designated place for shooting so ASK ME FIRST!)

He suggested bringing a can of WD-40 because the lock is sticky. I did have some issues with it, so please make sure it is locked back when you leave and pull on it just to make sure.
Just an FYI , I went to 33 last weekend and the lock was tricky due to being covered with sand (must have been dropped ) , it may wise to bring a can of brake cleaner as well as WD-40


A few people asked me about half year memberships at the last meeting. I talked to Tim and he said no to half price, but for good reasons. He's put a small dam in the pond right where we cross to come in to keep the water level up in the hot summer months. He's trying to raise enough money to install a pipe in the road where the water level can be higher and the road in will be better. Membership money goes straight back into the property. So, if you want a key before renewal in May, do it now and you'll still get 6 months use.
It's dirt...sand...mud. The terrain is primarily made up of ravines, ditches, etc. It makes for some great hill climbs and some nice and twisty sections. I really like going there when I've made changes or just need to make sure something is working correctly. There are areas that are EASY...there are areas that are just plain NUTS. I would highly recommend going several days after a rain...not during or immediately following one. It gets messy and being that there isn't any rock most of the trails that were moderately challenging become near impossible.

Hope this helps!

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