CAW Ride May 24th

I have Yamaha Big Bear 350 on super swampers with winch, but I wont be able to start early morning Friday, in best it can be around 1, plus time to get there from Clemson (2+ hours)..... Probably I won't come this time:frowny:, its too short notice for Friday ridding. Maybe next time:cool:
We will be doing a lot of riding now that Marcus has a RZR. I can't afford to do big trips as much being in school and out of work but the short day trips don't hurt too bad once or twice a month. Plus there is TONS of local stuff for UTV/ATV (50" wide ofcourse).
Would love to join you on some of the short trips. Also do not have possibility to go for longer trips but one day trips is exactly what I'm interested in. Already been once to Gulches with my Yamaha and got it stuck in one of the mud holes near the river, got lots of fun time there, even though park is small. Just let me know when you plan on going and I will try to join.


I'll keep an eye out for when I can go too. I just put in my notice at work, new job starting June 10th and won't have any leave for 3 months. No big wheeling trips for me but a weekend day at CAW would be fun. I've got a Rincon 650 that doesn't get ridden nearly enough...
Wish it wasn't friday. I wont be back in the sc till 6 or so. But let me know when yall go to durhamntown. I always love riding there.....(p.s. they have a mx track that allows utv's :grinpimp:) heres a video of it from a couple weekends ago. ignore the slowness, its been almost a year. (change the quality to 720 hd, for some reason youtube defaults to crappy res)

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It's been a few years since I have been ther but the MX track at the back (MX5?) that was more geared for the ATV/UTV was "gittin big" on a UTV.... My poor little 50" standard supsension stock caged rzr don't want none.
NM...I read further. The GP track would be tit's on the rzr. I bent a shock on my Raptor on MX 5 a few years ago when we were there. That **** hurt....
Yeah, the gp track is alot of fun. Not really a "go big" track. all the jumps are pretty mild on that one. But the other mx track throughout the park are pretty damn big. I've ridden a couple and was death gripping the bars the whole time. But i saw a guy on the gp track in a rzr and he was goin pretty big for a stock utv.