Carolina Adventure World night ride

So we had a group of about 15 ride at Carolina Adventure World this past weekend. We rented a couple cabins and rode Friday, Saturday,and into Saturday night. There was us in our Polaris General, my buddy Barry and his crowd in a Kawasaki Terex, another buddy Martin and his family in a Honda Pioneer and a couple 4wheelers. It was pretty wet and as the weekend went on it became very crowded . I don’t think I’ve ever seen the parking lot that full in the 15 years I’ve been riding there. We had a great time tho and as always Jeannie cooked for all of our group and shared with the cabin next to us and some people we had just met. I have been working thru some clutch and belt issues for a while and must not have it resolved yet. Burned up one belt but I’m getting pretty good at changing them out. Also put a new bumper on from BadDawg. Had my buddy tow me back to the trailer by the recovery points and the bumper came off. The manufacturer missed some critical welds on the mounting bracket. I’m waiting to see if they’re going to stand behind they’re product. All in all it was a great ride. Here’s some pictures of the weekend.
DE62C7CA-D881-4582-8EBF-EB8E1F32E3E3.jpeg DE62C7CA-D881-4582-8EBF-EB8E1F32E3E3.jpeg C13139D7-936C-4BE9-A75F-D73D7684801D.jpeg EED8C858-939D-44E0-9174-DFC441287064.jpeg 306C1425-D435-47F8-9477-6804EA741B61.jpeg BEB9519E-AA90-4D15-9589-0879F2A9A387.jpeg BE09D233-24EA-480F-A1AE-1EF5BDE2C8F2.jpeg 6DE124FE-0C86-4D5C-98CE-994FC0DDE345.jpeg F5CF666F-931B-4E39-9562-6EA629D4C34F.jpeg A87B84C1-49A6-4CFB-9F20-FFA6299294FF.jpeg 8E9C2052-1291-428B-8C3F-C8150D8A8F5B.jpeg