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Camping @ Oconee Point for Clemson Poker Run 2019

Looks like the whole Campground is full now. Here are the sites I know are booked with us. Anyone we know in sites 2, 4, 9?

1- Tripp
5- Brooks
6- Jimbo
7- Scott P
8- Larry B
10- Richard
In other somewhat unrelated news... The wife is almost a capable straight drive driver... YAY! camper and jeep should make it to Clemson! and my plugs / wires and distributor didnt fix my cyl 1 misfire... but we have a new top!
Jeep looks great Tripp.

Don't think we will end up camping but will definitely try to catch the group Saturday. We have too many around the house projects and have committed ourselves to too many events for May... Life sure is busy. How do people do it with kids????