Bantam TC3 trailer with a M416 complex

I guess I will put a build on here for this trailer.
I originally saw this trailer for sale on FB for $200. Labeled as a "Farm Trailer" but I saw the frame and knew that it was not a homemade job.
Went out to Newberry and picked it up for $150. 3.png trailer.png
I researched it and it is a Bantam civillian trailer T3-C and it was complete with the original and somewhat rare original wheels. No tub
I yanked off the wood to clean the frame and redid the fabbed coupler on it and extended it about 18 inches

7.jpeg image0.jpeg
I did not feel like plunking down $1500 for a new repro tub at this time so i cleaned up the wood, and repalced the floor with plywood. And soruced some steel round fenders to make it complete again image0 copy 2.jpeg image1 copy.jpeg
Life was good for it the way it was, but i found someone getting rid of a beat up m416 trailer for $50. So Reading on the interweb, it was supposidly a drop on affair, but the bantam frame has one less crossmember than the m416 frame. 1.png 4.png 5.png
Well turns out the Interweb as not right and the M416 tub is 2 inches wider than the Bantam frame. The tires scrubbed on the side of the tub.
So I decided it was time for surgery. Doing a little tummy tuck of 2 inches. 180555588_10159379054737369_8979302290484368491_n.jpeg 180606679_10159379260832369_5278652683527247730_n.jpeg
Yesterday I stitched it together, but will need some more welding to make it fully together and to weld tabs on it to bolt to the frame. The tub is still very cattywampused and i dont think it will ever be straight. That is fine, i just want something to haul with that I dont care about cosmetics . 182207437_10159386310757369_5587035800899512476_n.jpeg 182034391_10159386310697369_610639280812367446_n.jpeg 181931497_10159386310792369_3360308846877449824_n.jpeg
I dont have the tub bolted to the frame yet. The pipe clamps are trying to get the warp out but it was just bent over the years, most likely because it was sitting on the ground and not on a frame. Also i think there are some things i cut off the frame that are still interfering with it, so i still have some more work to do. Stay tuned for updates.